Wiper blade replacement Thatcham

Wiper Blade Replacement Thatcham Newbury, Station Tyres

Have you changed your wiper blades in the last 12 months? If the answer is no, then maybe it’s time that you consider replacing your windscreen wipers for your vehicle. 

As well as affecting your view of the road ahead, worn windscreen wiper blades may scratch your windscreen and potentially cause your vehicle to fail its MOT. We therefore recommend that you carry out windscreen wiper blade replacement at least once a year.

Wiper blade replacement Thatcham, Newbury

Station Tyres and Service Centre offers a free fitting service for a selected range of our car parts and car accessories purchased directly from our Thatcham premises. The range of products that we can currently fit free of charge includes wiper blades, headlight bulbs and car batteries. Whether you’re a local Newbury & Thatcham customer, or you’re visiting us for the first time from nearby towns in Basingstoke, Tadley Hungerford, Theale or Reading, we’re sure you’ll be impressed with our fast and friendly fitting service. We supply Bosch windscreen wiper blades, so if you need new wipers, simply pop into Station Tyres and Service Centre in Thatcham, and have them fitted at no additional cost.

We recommend that you check your windscreen wipers regularly 

Windscreen wiper blades should be checked regularly and replaced at least annually or more often if you cover a high mileage. The rubber blades dry out over time due to road conditions and the environment.The rubber will gradually harden with age causing the wiper blades to screech and judder, chatter or skip. Sometimes damage to your windscreen such as a windscreen chip can nick the rubber of the blade causing it to leave un-swept bands of water on the screen.

You can you tell when you need new wipers? They'll exhibit some of the following symptoms:

  • Squeaky
  • Streaking water
  • Leave a milky film when wiping
  • skip and judder

Defective windscreen wiper blades could result in: 

  • Increased risk of a road accident through poor vision 
  • Your vehicle failing its MOT 

Good visibility is crucial to driving safely and the effectiveness of your wiper blades to clear the screen helps to improve the visibility in poor weather conditions. We offer a free wiper blade check, while-u-wait and will fit them for free when purchased from us.

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