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Wheel balancing In Thatcham & Newbury

If you find that your steering 'wobbles' above a certain speeds, this may be a sign that your wheels are not balanced properly. If left unresolved, this can not only be uncomfortable and even dangerous to drive, but will also affect the fuel performance of your vehicle and cause excess wear on other steering components and suspension parts as well.

Sometimes, the vibrations from unbalanced wheels are not evident because of the weight of the vehicle – masking that there is a serious problem. Therefore you should get your wheel balance checked regularly, preferably at a service or when you are having your tyres replaced.

How We Balance Your Wheels

Wheel Balancing is essential so that the tyres rotate without causing any vibrations. This is accomplished by checking for any heavy spots on the wheel and tyre combination and is compensated for by fixing measured weights on the opposite side to where the heavy spot is. You will be surprised at how smooth a car drives after balancing all four wheels!

At Station Tyres and Service Centre in Thatcham, we have the latest state of the art, wheel balancing equipment. The wheel balancing machine rotates your wheels to simulate a driving experience. The machine then examines the exact points where balance counterweights need to be applied.

call us to book a free tyre check today.

Puncture repair service

At Station Tyres, we not only sell a range of new tyres, but we also offer a Puncture Repair Service. We understand that having a puncture can be an inconvenience so we aim to repair tyres whenever it is possible. 

Tyre Repairs In Thatcham & Newbury

We can repair punctures on a range of different vehicles:
  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Minibus
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • SUV's
  • Quad Bike's

Tyres must ALWAYS be checked thoroughly before being repaired. If the tyre displays any of the following, it should not be repaired: 

  • Exposed cords
  • Secondary damage – caused by the injuring object
  • Illegal tread depth (below 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tread throughout the entire circumference)
  • Run-flat damage – a breakdown of the tyre’s structural integrity
  • Ageing/deterioration of the tyre’s rubber Bead damage
  • Faulty/poor previous repairs 

Rim reseals

For older alloys, a lot of people have problems with tire deflation. This is caused by corrosion along the inner rim. Clients often initially believe that they have a slow puncture or a faulty valve and only discover the true cause after a tyre and valve change. Here at Station Tyres, we offer a service for removing this corrosion and so creating a seal between the tyre and rim.

Tyre/ Wheel change overs

We offer a tyre or alloy wheel swap over service, allowing you to change summer tyres to winter or to just rotate the front ones to the back.

Tyre pressure check

Book a FREE Tyre Check at Station Tyres to determine the condition of your tyres. Our expert mechanics will carry out a pressure check and inspect for tread depth, wear and damage to ensure your tyres are safe and legal. If the tyre inspection shows up any problems, we will offer advice on what can be done to correct the issue. 

Four wheel Alignment

Thatcham, Newbury

Station Tyres provides a professional and affordable 4 wheel laser alignment service at our garage. For a Free four-wheel alignment check ... Call or email us today to arrange a wheel balance or to ask about any of our other wheel services.

TPMS sensors

replacements and recording

At Station Tyres and Service Centre, we are equipped with the digital, diagnostic and hand tools necessary to service or replace the TPMS sensor valves on every make and model of car. If you are unsure about anything regarding TPMS, please ask a member of staff who will be delighted to help. 

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